Strong Moms Strong Girls

Strong Moms Strong Girls is a curriculum addressing the challenges of relational aggression. Relational aggression is a broad term but includes behaviors such as gossiping, spreading rumors, or threatening to reject or exclude someone (from Girlfighting, Lyn Mikel Brown). The goal of the program is to familiarize parents, educators, and caregivers with the uniqueness and intricacies of relational aggression. Strong Moms Strong Girls gives participants language and tools to be able to identify relational aggression and reduce its impact on girls. While Strong Moms Strong Girls addresses all relational aggression, the curriculum emphasizes “Figuring Out Friendships” – the relational aggression that can happen between friends.

Strong Moms Strong Girls has been a project of the Junior League of Ann Arbor since the spring of 2006. From 2006 to 2010, the Junior League of Ann Arbor partnered with the University Center for the Child and the Family (UCCF), part of the University of Michigan. Since 2010, the UCCF has undergone a reorganization and the Junior League of Ann Arbor has amicably parted ways with the UCCF on the partnership of Strong Mom Strong Girls. In the fall of 2014, the Junior League of Ann Arbor voted to bring back the Strong Mom Strong Girls program as a signature project. Currently, the Junior League of Ann Arbor is training members on the Strong Moms Strong Girls curriculum and offering short information sessions and workshops to the public and at a local elementary school.

How a young girl experiences her connections and relationships within “girl world” influences her self-esteem, ability to cope, and overall mental health. The Strong Moms Strong Girls program explores how culture shapes girls’ relationships in both positive and negative ways. It encourages girls to think critically about the messages they are given to identify and challenge unrealistic ideals imposed on them and how these unrealistic ideals can negatively impact their relationships. Join us to promote healthy and empowering connections between girls, between mothers, and between mothers and their daughters during one of our upcoming SMSG events.

Figuring Out Friendships, A Mother-Daughter Workshops

Join us for a Strong Moms Strong Girls “Figuring Out Friendships, A Mother-Daughter Workshop” on Saturdays throughout the year to learn how to build a positive alliance and have open conversations with your daughter as she learns to navigate friendships and relational aggression. Tickets are $10 for each mother-daughter pair, scholarships are available. These events will be held at the New Center in Ann Arbor. Check out our EVENTS page to register for these great workshops!