Kids In the Kitchen

Junior Leagues' Kids in the Kitchen initial effort was launched during 2006 to address the growing issues of child obesity and nutrition.

Since the early 1970’s, the number of overweight children ages 12-19 has doubled and the number of overweight children ages 6-11 has tripled. Today, more than 16% of young people ages 6-19 are overweight, and 1/3 of children and adolescents are overweight or at risk of becoming so. This factor substantially increases their risks for health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Each year, the JLAA looks for opportunities in the community to promote healthy eating and lifestyles. For more information about the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) effort, please go to

You can also find more resources to learn about Kids in the Kitchen, MyPlate and cooking with children here.