Community Impact

Community Impact: Promoting Nutrition. Creating Access.

In March 2011, the JLAA adopted its Healthy Living Initiative, which aims to decrease hunger while increasing the quality of life and the lifespan of the most vulnerable women and children in Washtenaw County. Today, all JLAA resources and attention are directed towards programs and activities that support this groundbreaking initiative. 

Strong Moms Strong Girls:

Strong Moms Strong Girls is a curriculum addressing the challenges of relational aggression. Relational aggression is a broad term but includes behaviors such as gossiping, spreading rumors, or threatening to reject or exclude someone (from Girlfighting, Lyn Mikel Brown). The goal of the program is to familiarize parents, educators, and caregivers with the uniqueness and intricacies of relational aggression. Strong Moms Strong Girls gives participants language and tools to be able to identify relational aggression and reduce its impact on girls. While Strong Moms Strong Girls addresses all relational aggression, the curriculum emphasizes “Figuring Out Friendships” – the relational aggression that can happen between friends. 

Produce Distributions:

The Junior League of Ann Arbor is proud to maintain its Produce Distributions. This program began in the Fall of 2012 and is in partnership with Food Gatherers, the food rescue and food bank program serving Washtenaw County. The Junior League of Ann Arbor's Produce Distribution program fights childhood hunger and obesity in Washtenaw County by providing fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritious snacks, and health education. This series of interactive, market-style distributions focuses on serving Estabrook Elementary School families experiencing food insecurity. It supplements federal programs, like the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.  Parents and children “shop” produce offerings and select up to 20 lbs of fresh food per family.  Through this program, the Junior League of Ann Arbor commits to providing local families with access to nutritious, high-quality food and health education.  

Kids in the Kitchen:

Kids in the Kitchen is a national Junior League program that addresses the growing issues of childhood obesity and malnutrition. Designed for young audiences, Kids in the Kitchen events promote healthy eating habits, nutrition awareness, and the importance of daily exercise through hands-on activities and interactive discussions.

The JLAA hosts these events for local children’s organizations such as Girls On The Run and The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. 


United with the nine chapters across Michigan, the Junior League of Ann Arbor participates in our League-wide State Public Affairs Committee. SPAC serves as the advocacy arm for the Junior League. Through these efforts, the JLAA works to impact state policies and local initiatives that promote childhood/school nutrition and access to healthy food. 

External Volunteer Support:

In addition to our in-house initiatives, the Junior League of Ann Arbor supports many external community service projects. These efforts are both large and small,  providing short-term volunteer assistance to non-profit efforts that support our community impact area of Promoting Nutrition,Creating Access. The JLAA has and continues to provide volunteer support to local organizations including SOS Community Services, Food Gatherers, Ronald McDonald House, Girls on the Run, Big House Big Heart (Champions for Charity), and many more!


Past Projects:

Past projects of the Junior Leauge of Ann Arbor include Girls Group, SOS Community Services, Perry Nursery School, Hands are Not For Hitting, Domestic & Dating Violence Provention Endowment Fund and many more. Read More...